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Who we are and what are we doing?

Trust management is gaining more and more popularity, as people strive to ensure that their money works for them. Residual or passive income, previously available only to the elite and usually achieved by very difficult work, is now available to ordinary citizens. After the trading appeared, a huge number of companies have emerged that provide the opportunity for trust management, that is, increasing the capital of individuals.

In any business, teamwork gives a much productive result, therefore, many traders following the trends began to unite in large teams, multiplying their capabilities, and therefore productivity in trading on various exchanges.

Catalyst Venture Company began operations in 1994 in Singapore, in one of the most technologically advanced and developed countries in the world. It was traders from Singapore who became the founders of high-tech trading and achieved outstanding results by using tools such as high-frequency and quantitative trading.

For more than 25 years of operation, Catalyst has proved to be a stable, reliable and profitable company. The staff employs more than 100 leading traders who trade in the most promising market segments, and the use of the latest trading methods and electronic-digital technology tools allow to issue high interest rates with minimal risk of losses.

February 22, 2020, Catalyst signed a contract with the Antares platform, giving it exclusive rights to promote its products and services. From now on, investors wishing to invest in Catalyst can only do this through the Antares platform.

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For investors

The investor has the opportunity to receive income with a floating rate of up to 2% for up to 200 calendar days. The entire invested amount is distributed evenly between the entire pool of traders. Large investment packages are distributed among more traders.

Profitability for each direction of trade is displayed on the corresponding chart at the end of the working day and is set for the past day at 19:00 on the server’s time.

Please note that payment for the services of Catalyst Venture Company it is carried out only in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Since 1994, Catalyst venture company has been engaged in operations in the foreign exchange market, introducing the newest and most profitable strategies.

Directions of trade

Catalyst Bitcoin Bot
Our company has experience of more than 25 years in the field of trading and constantly improves its trading strategies daily conducting their audit and necessary adjustments. Some of our strategies have been described and implemented in our automated trading developments. It has led to the creation of trading robots. These robots will be provided to all investors of the company from April 20, 2020.

Let us introduce our first robot – the Catalyst Bitcoin bot. This software algorithm operates according to a very simple scenario: it buys Bitcoin when its rate decreases and sells it on an uptrend.
The Catalyst Bitcoin bot has no emotions
Works 24 hours a day without days off and breaks
Has a simple management functionality and is suitable even for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market
The company Catalyst also provides services for activating and configuring these robots as well as technical consulting services for a fee.
Over 10 000 000 $
in net profit
earned by
our investors
  • 2% The maximum
    recorded level
    of drawdown
  • 100% Protecting

Our cases

Company NEXTracker

Percentage of increased
profit: +237%
for 12 months

Letter of appreciation from the Chief Executive Officer Dan Shugar

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Why people trust us

25 years on the market

Successful experience since June 1994

20 000
20,000 customers
international collaboration

We help people from 45 countries achieve financial goals

26% per month
profitable strategies

The average profit of our customers

7 000
7 000 000 000 +

Trading operations performed

Maximum transparency
we`ll prepare a detailed report

At the request of the investor, the company provides financial and other economic reports.

Protection of personal data

All operations are protected by special encryption algorithms and pass only through secure channels

10 000 000
$10,000,000 +
we multiply assets

We have earned for our customers

12 years
12 years
team of professionals

The average work experience of our traders

100% protection

We conclude an agreement with each investor

50 000 +
50 000 +
we appreciate your interests and needs

Investment portfolios were opened

New technologies
New technologies
we monitor the relevance

Every day we work on the introduction of the latest technologies and global trends.

Catalyst's roadmap 2020-2021

Today Catalyst Venture Company trust management strategies allow to flexibly respond to market changes and provide more opportunities to increase return on investment. We always strive to be one step ahead, so the company has already begun active work on the implementation of projects of the future.
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